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Why Did We Call Ourselves Limbwalker?


As you might have guessed, the answer is that we got our start in 2004 as a group of award-winning tree climbers. There is a whole competitive tree climbing world out there and team members at Limbwalker have won 21 total championships (so far). 

That includes the Kentucky State Championship all the way through the National Championship—and we’ve had international champions from around the world come to visit our facility. 

Clearly, we’re a team that loves climbing—and the outdoors. But we’ve learned that we also love helping Louisville homeowners to find as much enjoyment outside as we do. That’s why we’ve diversified to offer Mosquito Control, Lawn Services, and Plant Health Care, on top of Tree Services

Our Core Values

We're in this industry because we truly love caring for and improving outdoor spaces. Our core values are Quality, Professionalism, Safety, and Innovation—and we build everything that we do around those tenets. We know that our industry sometimes gets a bad rap for things like failure to follow through on promises, poor communication, or just being difficult to worth with. But we’re here to solve your problems and ultimately make your life easier. 

You'll Never Feel Like Just a Number

But here are some numbers that we're proud of


Mosquito-Free Yards


Gorgeous Lawns


Healthy Trees & Shrubs


The Limbwalker Difference

Although you might see “a lot of the same” in this industry, we’re not trying to be like everyone else. In fact, we pride ourselves on being different. 

We start every client relationship with a conversation about your expectations and then we tailor our services to you so that we’re meeting those expectations. We are proactive about communication and following through on what we say. With every service, we want to check all of the boxes.

✔ Did we give you good advice?

✔ Did we present a solution to your problem?

✔ Were we easy to work with? 

If we don’t check all of those boxes, we own it and we hold ourselves accountable. At the end of the day, it’s our goal to take care of our clients and we want to do everything that we can to get it right. 


Every single morning we start our day in a team huddle listing our gratitudes and talking about that day’s work. We take time to be thankful for the clients we’re working with and to talk about how we plan to meet their needs that day.

By the time we start your work, everyone is aligned with what you expect! 

Our work always starts and ends with a conversation. We know we’re more than just your tree guys, we’re your outdoor experts!

Dedicated to Community, Safety & Excellence

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