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When you spend time outside, you want your lawn to add to the enjoyment of being outside. You certainly don’t want to spend any time worrying about weeds or bare spots—or use up your precious free time tackling lawn care.

Finding the right lawn care service in Louisville, KY can help you achieve those amazing results you’re looking for while taking the burden off of your shoulders.

But the key is finding a service that is easy to work with and truly makes the process easy on you. Unfortunately, some lawn care companies are notorious for being difficult to reach, not showing up when they say they will, or only doing the bare minimum. 

At Limbwalker, we’re all about making life easier for you. If you’re outside and see weeds in between visits, we want you to text us and we’ll take care of it with a free re-spray. We also reach out ahead of and after visiting so that you’re always in-the-know.

And while many lawn care companies are known for their high-pressure sales tactics focused on frequent upselling, you’ll find the key lawn care services you need are already included in our program.

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I happened to be home today when Ginger stopped by to do the third application of the season. Of course, I knew she was coming because she always sends a detailed and helpful text indicating her plans. I appreciated talking with her in person today. She is very knowledgeable and attentive to the specific needs of my lawn.
Sydny H - Crestwood, KY

Lawn Treatment in Louisville, KY

Our 6-visit lawn care program includes fertilization and weed control treatments at every visit.

We can also include grub control, fungal control, and nutsedge treatments so that your lawn is getting everything it needs. 


Lawn Fertilization

Professional lawn fertilization is at the heart of a good lawn care program. By adding valuable nutrients into the soil, fertilizer not only makes your lawn thicker and greener but also helps it to grow stronger and healthier, too. That will make your lawn more resilient against potential problems. 

At Limbwalker, our organic-based fertilizer is a high-quality product that will deliver nutrients to your soil. During our final three visits, we include specialized treatments with microbiology that will also improve the overall health of your soil.

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Weed Control

Weeds are one of the major foes of a thriving lawn. But we attack weeds with a comprehensive array of controls, including pre-emergent and post-emergent controls for pesky crabgrass. We can also offer free re-treats if you spot weeds in between service calls. We know that weeds are one of the biggest frustrations homeowners face. When you partner with us, you’ll be free from that burden.

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nutsedge control

Nutsedge Control

Nutsedge is a common and aggressive weed here in Louisville, KY but does not respond to traditional weed controls. While other companies might upcharge you for the specialty controls needed to tackle nutsedge, we include it in our Gold and Platinum lawn care program. It’s all part of delivering peace of mind that you’re completely covered.

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grub control

Grub Control

Grubs, which is the collective name for several species of beetles in their larval stage, are a common Louisville pest that can decimate a lawn by eating its roots. When given the chance, hungry grubs quickly feast upon large patches of the lawn and cost you hundreds of dollars in repairs. That’s why we don’t even give grubs a chance. Our Gold and Platinum lawn care program includes free grub control.

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lawn seeding

Power Seeding

If you want the thickest, fullest lawn on the block, add Power Seeding to your 6-Visit Lawn Program.

Power Seeding every other year will keep your lawn thick and green, pushing out those pesky weeds and reducing the need for herbicides on your lawn.

We use a custom blend of premium turf-type tall fescues to fill in your bare spots and create a healthy green carpeted lawn that you can enjoy all summer long.

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Lawn Care FAQ's

How do I water my lawn?

Water your lawn early in the morning to minimize evaporation and prevent fungal conditions. Water deeply every other day for at least 45 minutes three times per week. If you notice brown areas in your lawn in August or July, increase the amount of your watering.

How do I make my lawn thicker?

Louisville’s thickest lawns are overseeded yearly or powerseeded every other year.

How short should I mow my lawn?

Set your mower to the highest level of 4”. This height will promote a healthy lawn with deep roots.

What type of grass should I grow?

The best lawns for Louisville are turf type tall fescues. These are cool-season grasses that thrive in the spring and summer.

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