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When it comes to caring for the trees and shrubs on your property, we know that most people tend to be “reactive.” In other words, they don’t think much about it until there’s a problem. But we are trying to shift the mindset to proactive care by investing in plant health care services in Louisville, KY.

Rather than waiting until your shrub is already turning yellow or your tree is dying, let’s try to get ahead of the problems. After all, emergencies cost at least twice as much as routine care. And some emergencies aren’t fixable. If you want to protect your investment in your landscape, then you need plant health care.

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Plant Health Care Services

A customized program will depend upon your specific property’s needs but can include services such as:

Insect protection

Scale protection

Mite and bagworm canopy spray

Foliar fungus protection

Root rot protection (root rot, mushrooms, etc.)

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) protection


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Plant Health Programs 

house with healthy tree and lawn

Big Tree Basics

This program was specifically designed for big, old trees that would benefit from the use of growth regulators. Growth regulators are used to divert energy towards your tree's roots instead shoots, to improve the health of your tree.

deep root tree fertilizer

Deep Root Fertilization

Fertilizer is injected directly into the root zone where those nutrients are needed most.

This will help your trees and shrubs to grow stronger and healthier.

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Mite & Bagworm Protection

Boxwoods, Spruce, Hemlocks, and Arborvitae are just some of the plants in your yard that can be attacked by mites and bagworms.

Our three visit program ensures that your plants are protected from these destructive pests.

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Emerald Ash Borer Treatment

Ash trees in Louisville have been under attack for years. Emerald Ash Borer, an invasive pest, has been responsible for killing these stately trees in a short time. By proactively injecting your trees, we can significantly extend their lifespan and even help with the recovery of moderate damage. 

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Plant Health Care FAQ's

What's wrong with my tree?

Diagnosing a plant disorder starts with a free site visit by one of our Consulting Arborists. Once we look at the conditions, species, and damage, we can prescribe a solution. Most plant disorders fall into one of these five categories: Insect, Mite, Fungal, Water Mold, or Abiotic.

Why should I fertilize my tree?

Fertilizing your tree is essential for its health and growth. Proper fertilization provides essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium that are crucial for root development, foliage vigor, and overall resilience. This practice enhances the tree's ability to withstand diseases, pests, and environmental stressors, ensuring longevity and improved aesthetics.

How do I protect my tree against pests and diseases?

Trees in the urban environment face stresses above and beyond what their friends in the woods face: human disturbance, heat island effect, and high pest populations are just a few of the additional stresses that exist in the city. We offer systemic insect protection and annual fertilization to improve your trees' overall health.

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