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If you’re not spending as much time outdoors as you want to be, what’s holding you back? A lawn that you’re embarrassed or stressed about? Trees that don’t look healthy or have falling branches? Or, perhaps it’s blood-sucking mosquitoes that are posing a nuisance and a threat? 

Maybe it’s even all of the above. 

Whatever the case may be, you just want to be able to enjoy your own property without the problems. We get it, completely. And fortunately, we’re in the business of solving problems. In fact, we have a great menu of services that can solve most backyard problems. This includes mosquito control services, tree services, plant health services, and lawn care services.

We want to help get you on the path to success—the one that leads to spending more time outside and being proud of your property. That journey will start with a conversation about your expectations and what you want to get out of your yard. We know that every homeowner has unique wants and needs, and we’re looking to tailor our services to you. Here’s what we can offer.

Mosquito Control Services

Helping to make your property safer and more enjoyable all starts with mosquito control services. We have made that the foundation because we’ve realized that even if we perform other important services, mosquitoes will still prevent people from spending time outside. So, first and foremost, you want to focus on making your yard safe by using mosquito control services.

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Tree Services

Once your yard is safe from disease-carrying mosquitoes, we can focus on other services that you may need. As our name might have suggested, tree services are our roots. It’s how our company got its start and it remains a passion. 

We have called ourselves the “Urban Forest Experts” because of our forestry background. But homeowners are often surprised to learn trees in the residential, and urban landscapes actually need more upkeep and care than trees in their natural forest habitat. From tree pruning to cabling and bracing to removal when it’s necessary, we can handle all of your tree services and deliver peace of mind.

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Plant Health Care Services

Of course, the urban forest is not just made up of trees, but also the shrub layer, too. Unfortunately, when it comes to trees and shrubs, homeowners are often in reactive mode. A tree dropped a limb or a shrub appears to be dying, so something must be done. But, we can help to prevent many problems in the first place by incorporating plant health care services, like deep root fertilization.

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Lawn Care Service 

Finally, an urban forest also consists of a lawn, which often becomes the stage for much of the time you spend outdoors. For that reason, people don’t want a lawn that is full of weeds or bare spots. They want one that is lush, green, healthy, and thriving. 

Unfortunately, a great lawn doesn’t just happen. It requires ongoing upkeep and care, which is where our lawn care service comes in. Many of the homeowners we work with are too busy or don’t want to use up their free time caring for their lawn. But we can completely take that burden off their plate while also helping to achieve professional results.

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roach pest outdoors

Perimeter Pest Control

At Limbwalker Tree Service, we understand the importance of safeguarding your home against unwanted invaders. Our specialized pest control solutions go beyond conventional methods, creating an invisible shield around your property. Your haven deserves the best protection—discover the expertise that we offer with Perimeter Pest Control. 


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Chris did an excellent job of protecting my home.. He was professional in appearance, courteous, and did a thorough job. Thanks also to Kristy, our representative for her recommendation of Perimeter Pest Control.

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