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Trees serve many purposes and are valued for many reasons including their beauty, shade, aesthetic appeal, and even sentimental purpose. But a tree that is in poor health or dropping limbs can begin to pose more risk than value. Depending on your tree needs, we can customize your tree care in Louisville, KY.

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Scott and the team did a great job pruning our large Birch and Ash trees on our property. They took their time and made sure the trimming was done in a way to protect the trees going forward yet still cleaning them out enough to notice a big difference.

Mike L - Buechel, KY

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning services in Louisville, KY are more important than just making your trees look their best from an aesthetic point of view. Pruning will also benefit the overall health of your trees by getting rid of the weak, diseased, and dying limbs and allowing your tree to direct its energy into healthy growth. This will improve both the look and the safety of your property.

Excellent tree pruning is both an art and science. The Arborist understands which cuts will benefit the tree the most while also improving its appearance. There are multiple pruning techniques that can be utilized depending upon the tree conditions.

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Tree Removal

Sometimes tree removal is necessary. While people love their trees, if they become a hazard or outgrow the area they were planted in, they may need to be removed. When that’s the case, hiring an experienced and well-trained tree removal service in Louisville, KY is absolutely imperative. Tree removal work can be complicated and even pose some risks. But working with a qualified company can help to ensure those risks are mitigated and your tree is removed safely.

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Cabling and Bracing

Certain species of trees grow in a way, such as becoming V-shaped, that makes them a liability. Damage causing a split or crack in the tree can become problematic. However, trees can have these abnormalities and remain in overall good health. If that’s the case, cabling and bracing can be an effective solution. 

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If you have shrub species like a Boxwood or Holly and prefer a neatly sheared look, we can help. We typically shear shrubs once or twice a year, depending upon the homeowner’s wants and needs. Shearing helps to keep a shrub contained to its designated space in the landscape and maintains a neat and tidy appearance.

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Tree Statistics

Tree cutting is dangerous. Let us help.


Louisville Trees Die Annually

2-20 tons

Average Tree Weight


DIY Injuries Per Decade

Tree Service FAQ's

Should I prune or remove my tree?

If your tree is healthy and free of structural concerns, pruning is your best option for maintaining health and safety. Removal becomes the best option when your tree has significant decay, disease, or structural defects such as cracking. Your Consulting Arborist can help you make a decision as to which is most appropriate for your tree.

Do I need to fertilize my tree?

Urban trees benefit greatly from fertilization. Nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium can be in short supply in the city. Spring and Fall fertilization will improve the health of the  above- and below-ground portions of your tree.

Is my tree safe?

All trees pose risk, and no tree can be considered 100% “safe”. However, your Consulting Arborist can help you understand your risk and help you make a decision as to whether the risk is acceptable or not.  A tree with no structural or health concerns can be a worry-free part of your yard for generations.

What kind of tree do I have?

There are approximately 150-200 species of trees that can live in the Louisville area.  However, 25 species make up about 95% of the specimens. Pin Oak, Sugar Maple, Red  Maple, and Black Walnut are a few common species. Phone Apps such as PictureThis  are great tools to identify and catalog every plant in your yard.

How often do I need to prune my tree?

It’s important to prune new trees after the first year of planting. This will establish good structure early on that will prevent costly pruning later on. As your tree gets older, you’ll want to prune out deadwood every four years…similar to Presidential cycles or the  Olympics.

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