Trees inherently pose a certain degree of hazard and risk from breakage, failure, or other causes. Recommendations that are made by your Consulting Arborist are intended to minimize or reduce such hazards. There can be no guarantee that efforts to discover or correct unsafe conditions will prevent future breakage or failure, nor can there be any guarantee that all hazardous conditions have been detected. The client shall not infer that a tree is safe either because work has been done to reduce risk, or because no work has been recommended on a specific tree.

Any additional work required to complete the work specified, caused by the client’s failure to make known or caused by previously unknown foreign material in the trunk, branches, underground, or any other condition not apparent in estimating the work, shall be paid for by the client on a time and materials basis.

Limbwalker Tree Service will not be held responsible for any unforeseen or abnormal reaction to any trees, shrubs or lawns resulting from the proper application of chemicals and formulations according to their appropriate labels.

Client Responsibilities

Client affirms that all trees and vegetation upon which work is to be performed are owned by the client, or that authorization for the work has been obtained from the rightful property owner. Client shall be responsible for compensating Limbwalker Tree Service Inc. for any and all damages collected against Limbwalker Tree Service Inc. by any third party demonstrating actual ownership of the trees and vegetation upon which the work was performed, along with any associated legal fees.

The client is responsible for obtaining and paying for all required local permits required to perform the work described in this proposal.

Payment is to be received upon completion of the work and receipt of the invoice. In the event that the scope of the work changes, Limbwalker Tree Service Inc. will be paid for all items on this proposal that have been completed.

Both the Client and Limbwalker Tree Service agree to attempt to work out any disputes regarding this agreement through direct negotiation and/or mediation prior to seeking any other legal remedy.

Driveways and Underground Utilities 

Limbwalker Tree Service assumes no liabilities or responsibilities for any cracking, breaking, puncturing, depressing, stains, oil, or any other damage to any driveway, patio, or any other paved, bricked, stoned, concrete, or asphalted surface resulting from trucks and equipment being used to access the job. If you do not want us to use your driveway, let us know!


Our vehicles are not designed to drive off-road. If off-road access is necessary, we will provide mats to lessen the chance of becoming stuck. The client is responsible for any stuck vehicles or towing.

Limbwalker Tree Service is not responsible for damage to irrigation lines, drain lines, invisible fences, cables, or any other underground utilities unless the systems are accurately marked and mapped by the client and a copy is presented to Limbwalker Tree Service Inc. before the work is performed.


Kentucky charges a 6% sales tax on Tree, Lawn, and Plant Health Care services.

Indiana does not charge taxes on Limbwalker services.


Invoices paid by debit/credit card are charged a 3% surcharge.

Time & Materials

Time and Material (T&M) jobs are charged as onsite time + 1 hour of Drive Dump, and Set-Up (DDS) time, rounded up to the nearest hour. Multiple day T&M jobs include 1 DDS each day. Additional hours in excess of the allotted time will be discussed and agreed to by the client before completing the work.


Limbwalker Tree Service is insured for liability resulting from injury to persons or property, and all of its employees are covered by Worker’s Compensation insurance.

Professional Standards

Limbwalker Tree Service performs all of our work in a safe and professional manner according to ANSI A300 Standards.

Renewing Services

Our Plant Health Care (PHC), Lawn, and Mosquito Control Services renew automatically each year.  Service programs with multiple visits are sold as a complete package.  If a technician is declined at the time of service, the customer will still be billed for that visit.  To cancel your renewing service, simply email us at along with your name, address, and services you’d like to cancel and we’ll be happy to discontinue your service(s) hassle-free! Please give us at least 2 weeks notice before your next service date so that we can adjust our production schedule accordingly.  


I understand that Limbwalker Tree Service may send occasional text messages or emails for appointment reminders and promotions.