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3 Benefits of Flea & Tick Control for Louisville Homeowners

When it comes to enjoying time outdoors, pests are a major nuisance. Here in Louisville, we have to worry about being bitten by mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks, as all three are common pests in our region. 

Fortunately, there are solutions. Flea and tick pest control can be added to your mosquito control services so that your property is covered for all three pests.

In this article, we’ll discuss the reasons why spraying for ticks and fleas in the yard makes a lot of sense.

#1: Reduce Your Worries About Flea and Tick-Borne Diseases

One of the key reasons why you might consider flea and tick treatments for your lawn is to prevent the spread of disease. Like mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks are able to carry and transmit various diseases when they bite their host.

Fleas are of particular concern to your beloved furry family members. That’s because fleas attach themselves to pets and then quickly multiply. That can invite an infestation into your home. 

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While fleas can also bite people, they tend to prefer animals, which puts your pets at risk when spending time in your yard. Fleas typically end up in residential yards by hitching a ride on infested wildlife like mice, rabbits, opossums, and even feral cats. 

Once they land in your yard, they’ll be on the hunt for their next blood meal. 

Unfortunately, this means your pet can pick up fleas simply by playing in the yard.

This is concerning as fleas can carry and transmit Typhus, Tungiasis, and even the Bubonic Plague (the most well-known flea-transmitted disease). But pets can also be allergic to flea bites, which tend to be itchy and painful whether there is an allergy or not.

Ticks, on the other hand, will bite both pets and people. 

Ticks can carry dangerous diseases like Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and Ehrlichiosis. It’s also been recently reported that the Lone Star Tick is spreading in our state. A tick bite can also lead to Alpha-Gal Syndrome, which can lead to an allergy to meat.

One of the main reasons to consider spraying for ticks and fleas in the yard is to reduce the worries around these diseases.

#2: Take Flea and Tick Pest Control Out of Your Hands

Another benefit to investing in professional flea and tick pest control is that it takes the burden off your shoulders.

While it’s true that there are store-bought flea and tick products available, they are not going to be as effective as the treatment used by a trained professional. Applying products correctly (and safely) is the key to success.

When you handle flea and tick control on your own, it also means finding time to apply chemicals to your yard. Plus, you’ll have to be the one dealing with storing any leftover product.

While your yard will be much better protected against these pests, we always recommend that you still follow your veterinarian’s recommendations for any flea and tick control treatments they advise. 

Treating your yard is an important layer of protection, but you most likely take your pet to other places (like local parks or trails). You should still follow your vet’s advice on keeping these dangerous pests off your pets.

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#3: Rest Easy with Peace of Mind

When you add flea and tick treatments to your mosquito control program, you can rest easier, knowing that you are protecting your family from some of the most troublesome pests.

There’s no doubt that peace of mind is a huge benefit of investing in flea and tick pest control.

Our professional-grade products are safe for children, pets, and plants. We understand that you’re trying to protect your family from dangerous pests and you don’t want more worries about the products that are being used in your yard.

We use highly skilled and trained professionals to apply these professional-grade, highly effective products. They are trained on where to treat in order to boost effectiveness. They also know exactly how much product to apply. 

We understand that for a problem as potentially dangerous as fleas and ticks, you need a solution that works.

When you invest in effective flea and tick control, you can extend your time outside. You also won’t feel as though you need to slather on bug spray just to go outdoors at your own house.

You’ll feel a lot more confident letting your children and pets spend time outside when you are spraying for ticks and fleas in the yard.

Choosing Limbwalker for Flea and Tick Pest Control

To keep fleas and ticks out of your yard, you’ll want to invest in professional flea and tick pest control from a company that you can trust.

When it comes to actually making your choice for Louisville flea and tick control, it’s important that you put in the work on the front end to research your options. This will help you to feel confident that you’ve chosen a company that will get you the results, service, and experience you anticipated.

With pests as potentially dangerous as fleas and ticks, you truly want to be able to eliminate your worries. 

That boils down to choosing a company that will deliver the best results.

After all, in addition to mosquitoes, fleas and ticks tend to be some of homeowners’ biggest concerns. But with the right solutions in place, you can eliminate those nagging worries.

In fact, when you choose wisely, you can hand over your worries and get back to enjoying your property to the fullest.


If you’d like to learn more about adding flea and tick control to your mosquito services at your Louisville home, get in touch, get your quote, and get back to enjoying your yard.


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Chris O'Bryan

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