DIY Mosquito Control vs. Mosquito Control Services in Louisville, KY

When it comes to enjoying your Louisville, KY yard to the fullest, mosquitoes can be a major buzz kill (pun intended!). It’s difficult to enjoy time outside when you are getting bit by mosquitoes and in turn, worrying about the dangerous diseases that they might possibly be carrying.

That’s why you might even be considering spraying for mosquitoes. You understand that mosquito control needs to be prioritized if you’re going to be able to enjoy any time outside.

Of course, you might be wondering whether you can just tackle DIY mosquito control. You know there are some mosquito control products that you can buy yourself, so why invest in professional mosquito spray when you can just handle it on your own?


In this article, we’ll talk about DIY mosquito control vs. hiring a professional mosquito control service in Louisville, KY. You deserve to be able to fairly weigh the options before you make an educated choice.

Here’s what to keep in mind.

DIY Mosquito Control Won’t be As Effective

When it comes to spraying for mosquitoes, you need a product that is going to effectively take care of the pests.

Herein lies a big problem with DIY mosquito control. In fact, there are a few key problems when it comes to the effectiveness of a DIY approach.

Subpar Products and Equipment

For one, store-bought mosquito products simply cannot stand up to the commercial-grade mosquito control products that a professional is investing in. A trained technician needs to be licensed to apply professional mosquito spray and they are using a more effective product.


It’s also worth mentioning that the equipment used by a pro is also going to be better (and therefore, more effective).


The most important component of a successful mosquito program is timing. A female mosquito can lay over 300+ eggs, each of which can hatch into a biting adult in 3 weeks. A successful strategy means starting early and spraying on a consistent 3-week schedule. This consistency is difficult to maintain for the average working adult, and it only takes one missed week to lose all of the ground you’ve built up over the season.

Application Know-How

Even the application know-how is important. A professional will know exactly what spots on your property to target with a product in order to get the most out of it. This comes from years of experience working in mosquito control.

Although some companies will come in and just blanket-spray everything around your property (because it’s quicker for them), targeted applications are safer and more precise. They’ll also take care of your mosquito problem where it’s at.



Finally, with any DIY approach, there’s always the risk of error. Sometimes homeowners inadvertently make mistakes or take shortcuts that can limit the effectiveness of the products they’re using. For instance, mixing a chemical wrong can lead to poor results. Or, maybe there’s an issue with the sprayer you’re using.


If you’re handling mosquito control on your own, the burden is on you. There’s nobody to help. But when you hand this off to a pro, you can feel confident they’re doing the right thing.

All of this is important when it comes to getting the best results. If you’re going to take the time and effort to spray for mosquitoes, you want it to work.

DIY Mosquito Control May Not Be as Safe

Sometimes, people think about the DIY route because they want to be safer. But in reality, it’s a lot safer to have a product applied to your property by a highly trained professional.

A mosquito control pro does this type of work regularly and they know exactly what they’re doing.

At Limbwalker, we use a safe product and are committed to spraying targeted areas where mosquitoes live and breed. We know that some mosquito control companies use more potent products that can also harm pollinators, but we are committed to keeping pollinators safe.


That’s why we come out more regularly (every three weeks during the course of the season). As our professional-grade product is beginning to have a breakthrough, we’re back, treating again.

In addition, we’re also handling all of the chemicals. When you take a DIY route, you have to handle and store the chemicals yourself. Even with a safe product, you want to keep your children and pets safe. Storing chemicals in your garage or shed might not be ideal.

DIY Mosquito Control is a Hassle

Finally, it’s also worth mentioning that anytime you take a “DIY approach,” it can be a hassle.

There’s a major convenience factor in letting a professional handle mosquito control for you. You don’t have to worry about preparing or storing chemicals, cleaning or maintaining equipment, or even running to the store to buy more product when you need it.

You also don’t have to use up your free weekend to be out in your yard dealing with pests!

Instead, when you leave spraying for mosquitoes up to the pros, you take the burden off your shoulders. With this service being performed for you, it’s one less hassle to worry about! All you have to do is get out there and enjoy your yard.

Get Rid of Mosquitoes and Get Back to Enjoying Your Property to the Fullest
As we said from the start, mosquitoes are a major source of frustration. It can be difficult to enjoy your property when you are dealing with these pests.

Lawn-care-customer-cornhole (1)

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Once you get mosquitoes under control, you can start spending stress-free time outside with your friends and family.

If you’d like to learn more about mosquito control for your Louisville home, get in touch, get your quote, and get back to enjoying your yard.

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Chris O'Bryan

Chris O'Bryan

Chris grew up in Louisville, KY. He holds a Forestry degree from the The University of Kentucky and a Master's Degree in Economics from Clemson University. He is a Certified Arborist and 5-time Kentucky Tree Climbing Champion. When not at work, he has fun with his family, enjoys traveling, one-wheeling, and working in his yard.

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