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How Power Seeding Can Revitalize Your Lawn

Even if you’re doing all the right things for your lawn, there are going to be points in its lifespan when it struggles. Lawns in Louisville, KY are faced with a number of challenges ranging from pests and diseases to simply harsh weather conditions. Periods of intense heat and drought can really do a number on your lawn.

Over time, lawns can struggle in many ways.

That’s why, at some point, your lawn is going to need some repair and restoration work to revitalize it. Lawn rejuvenation is all about restoring new life to your lawn when it is becoming noticeably deteriorated. lawn weeds mixed in with grass
This might be a matter of losing vigor, having thin or bare areas, or noticing some lackluster coloring. 

The best way (by far) to restore your lawn is with a service called power seeding.

In this article, we’ll dive into what is power seeding and why it’s an important service to consider at your Louisville home. 

Once you’ve finished this article, you’ll understand how to revitalize a lawn.

What is Power Seeding?

A lot of times, we find that homeowners are unfamiliar with power seeding. One reason for this is that a lot of companies don’t offer it. It’s a more intensive service and it requires expertise, skill, and the proper equipment. 

Instead, many companies only offer lawn aeration. While lawn aeration also has benefits, power seeding goes a few steps beyond what aeration can accomplish.

Power seeding, which has also been called “slice seeding” or “slit seeding,” is the process of using a machine to cut rows into the soil and plant seeds. It’s a service used by golf courses to achieve some of the thickest, healthiest turfs around.

With power seeding, the cutting of the soil and the planting of the grass seed are all methodically completed in a mechanical way so that you know your grass seed is actually being planted in the ground. 

Much like a farmer would cut rows into the soil to plant his or her crops, with power seeding, you are installing a lawn in an efficient and effective way.

During lawn aeration and overseeding, holes are created with an aerator and then the seed is simply tossed down, with the hope that it will fall into the holes. The trouble is, a lot of times the seed is just left lying on top of the soil to dry out (or become expensive bird seed). 

Since power seeding is actually cutting rows into the soil and planting the grass, it delivers much better results. 

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How Does Power Seeding Lead to Lawn Rejuvenation?

Of course, you came here to understand exactly how power seeding is going to rejuvenate your lawn.

It’s important that our power seeding service involves using the highest quality seeds to grow better grass. This is a critical component to lawn rejuvenation. 

At Limbwalker, when we power seed, we use a custom blend of premium turf-type tall fescues to fill in your bare spots and create a thick and healthy lawn.

Whenever we’re seeding, we are introducing new and better grass species into your lawn to help revitalize it. You may not realize but there are scientists and researchers who are continually working on coming up with new-and-improved grass types that deliver better results. 

Grass species continue to improve, becoming more resistant to problems like diseases, pests, and even drought. When it comes to how to revitalize a lawn, it’s all about introducing better grass!

By periodically introducing new grass into your lawn, you are making it stronger, healthier, and more resilient to problems. 

Even if your lawn is doing relatively well, you’ll still find that there are great benefits in power seeding every other year. By introducing new grass, you are making a big difference to the health of your turf.

Think of it like your occasional trip to the spa. When your lawn is tired and stressed, you’ll find that it’s been restored with some brand-new life after a power seeding service.

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Comparing Sodding to Power Seeding

If you’re in search of how to revitalize a lawn, you might also be considering sodding.

Installing sod essentially means getting a brand-new lawn (an “instant lawn”). With sodding, you are having pre-grown grass installed on exposed and prepared soil.

It’s important to know that sodding is VERY expensive. Unless you are just doing a couple of small bare patches, it is an incredibly costly endeavor. From preparing the ground to the actual installation of the sod, it’s a massive project.

Once the sod is installed, you’ll need to meticulously care for your lawn to make sure that it actually takes root and keeps growing. 

Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy to establish a sodded lawn.  But after spending thousands and thousands of dollars to have your lawn sodded, you can’t take any chances. 

There’s no question that power seeding is a more cost-effective way to achieve lawn rejuvenation. 

To see all the benefits, you’ll of course still have to care for your lawn after power seeding. This includes following a prescribed watering schedule, holding off on mowing, and keeping leaves off of your newly growing grass.

You’ll also want to keep up with regularly scheduled lawn care. 

Promoting healthy new grass means properly fertilizing your lawn and keeping it as weed-free as possible. A lawn care professional can help you stick to the optimal schedule.

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Choosing Lawn Care in Louisville KY

When it comes to successfully revitalizing your lawn, you’ll want to be sure to choose a lawn care company that will deliver the best service and results. There can be a lot involved in caring for new grass, but a pro will help set you up for success.

At Limbwalker, we want to make everything as easy and successful for you as possible. That’s why we’ll help set you up with all the tips that you need to prepare for caring for your new lawn.

We also perform quality checks for all of our clients who have had power seeding to make sure that the new grass is growing as it should. During that time we might make additional recommendations. 

This is not a common occurrence in our industry but it speaks to why we’re in lawn care in the first place. We truly do care about delivering amazing results.

When it comes to revitalizing your lawn, we want to help. With effective power seeding, you’ll soon be enjoying a thick and healthy lawn that you’ll be proud to show off.


Are you ready to have a thick and healthy lawn that’s getting everything it needs at your Louisville, KY home? Get in touch with us to get a quote for our lawn care programs, which include three lawn care pricing options, and about adding power seeding to one of those programs.

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