3 Ways to Protect Your Plants Health

The trees and shrubs on your Louisville property are valuable and you want to do what you can to protect them. 

Unfortunately, most of the time people are “reactive” to caring for their landscape plants as opposed to being “proactive” and preventing problems in the first place.

But there are ways that you can go about protecting plants on your property. This is important as problems often cost at least twice as much (or more) than simply investing in routine care.


In this article, we’ll talk about the protection of plants and how it can ultimately be a protection of your investment.

#1: How to Protect Plants from Bugs

Plant-destroying bugs can be a major source of frustration in the landscape. But there is a way to protect plants from insects. Plant Health Care services can include protection from mites, bagworms, scale, Emerald Ash Borer, and other insects

A customized program will depend upon your specific property’s needs, including what plant species you have. Certain insects are known to attack certain plant varieties more than others.

For instance, Boxwoods, Spruces, Hemlocks, and Arborvitae are known to be commonly attacked by mites, bagworms, and other pests. If leaves are stippling or turning colors, it’s possible that they are being attacked by something.

In addition, as you probably already know, Ash trees in Louisville have been under attack for many years by a pest known as the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). If you have Ash trees on your property, we can proactively inject treatment to help significantly extend their lifespan and help with recovery from moderate damage.

These are just a few examples. There are more than 55 common plant pests here in Louisville that can cause problems.

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#2: How to Protect Plants from Disease

Of course, protecting plants also means protecting them from diseases. Insects are not the only problem lurking in the landscape. There are more than 25 common plant diseases that can wreak havoc on your landscape.

Commonly, we see problems including root rot and fungal infections which can affect the health of your trees and shrubs. 

Tree diseases can cause cosmetic damage to your plants, which can make them unsightly. But, they can also cause trees and shrubs to severely decline and possibly even die.

Tree diseases can be serious and need to be diagnosed by a professional. But often, many common diseases can be prevented with proactive care.

Plant Health Care services also include treatments that help preserve the health of your tree and protect them from diseases.

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#3: How to Protect Plants from Environmental Stress

It’s easy to think of bugs and diseases as the primary problems that trees and shrubs might face in your landscape. However, simply being planted in a residential setting can impact tree and shrub health.

Unlike the natural setting (the forest), where nutrients are readily available to trees and shrubs, your suburban landscape does not have as nutrient-rich soil as your trees and shrubs likely need to perform their best. While we know that people often think of trees as self-sustaining, this isn’t really the case. They do need some extra help to perform their best!

Plus, they are constantly subject to environmental stressors like extreme heat, drought conditions, and more.

Fortunately, Plant Health Care services can also help protect your trees and shrubs with vital fertilization services that feed your plants what they need to perform better. 

Properly fertilized trees and shrubs have also been known to have more profuse blooms, better color, and overall better health.

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Partnering with a Pro for the Protection of Plants

At the end of the day, you just want to feel confident that your trees and shrubs can deal with whatever is thrown at them. There are many potential stressors in the landscape that can really cause problems for your trees and shrubs. The last thing that you want is to lose any of your beloved plants to a problem that could have been prevented or treated.

Plus, it can be complicated to know what is attacking your tree. The signs and symptoms of many tree problems mimic one another. Is it a pest, a disease, or something else? It can honestly be hard to know without an untrained eye.

The good news is that you don’t have to figure any of this out on your own. This is why it’s so valuable to partner with a pro.

A plant health care professional will not only know what’s going on with your trees and shrubs, but they’ll know how to implement the best solution. Even better, they’ll be able to prevent many problems from occurring in the first place. 

After all, the main goal is the protection of plants so that you don’t have to pay more to try and fix a problem (or have them replaced).

With an expert on your side, you can let go of these worries and instead get back to enjoying your property. You’ll be able to feel confident that insects, diseases, and other potential problems won’t stand in your way.

Plant-health-vanIf you’d like to learn more about plant health care for your Louisville home, get in touch, get your quote, and get back to enjoying your yard.

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Chris O'Bryan

Chris O'Bryan

Chris grew up in Louisville, KY. He holds a Forestry degree from the The University of Kentucky and a Master's Degree in Economics from Clemson University. He is a Certified Arborist and 5-time Kentucky Tree Climbing Champion. When not at work, he has fun with his family, enjoys traveling, one-wheeling, and working in his yard.

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