Are Mosquito Yard Treatments Safe for Pets? 3 Things to Know

When it comes to the health and safety of your family, including those furry, four-legged members, you know that mosquitoes are a threat. Due to their ability to carry and transmit deadly diseases like West Nile and Zika, mosquitoes can be a risk to humans.

But many people don’t realize they also pose a risk to pets.

Mosquitoes can pass heartworms to your dog, which could potentially infect their heart and lungs.

For these reasons, you might be considering mosquito control. But you don’t want to trade one risk for another. That’s why you want to know: Is mosquito spray safe?

In this article, we’ll address the safety of mosquito control in Louisville so that you can make a wise choice for your entire family.

Is Mosquito Spray Safe?

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you evaluate the safety of mosquito control for your pets.

1. Not All Mosquito Control Companies Use the Same Product

If you are looking for pet-safe mosquito yard spray, you have to inquire as to what product a company is actually using. It’s a misconception that all mosquito control companies are applying the same products.

In reality, there can be quite a bit of variation and some products are more potent than others. While we can’t speak to what other mosquito control companies use, we can tell you about what Limbwalker uses.


At Limbwalker, we use permethrin and bifenthrin in a rotation. Permethrin is the same chemical found in most pet flea applications and is considered to be the safer of the two chemicals, though both are considered to be on the lower end of toxicity. Permethrin is approved to be applied to a pet’s skin, and you should feel confident that it’s safe to be used around your yard. Bifenthrin is not approved for skin applications, but it has a longer residual than permethrin. Using both chemicals in rotation fits our minimal chemical approach, meaning that we achieve the objective of creating a mosquito-free yard for you with as few chemicals as possible.

People also like to know that we are committed to keeping pollinators safe as they are a vital part of our ecosystem. That’s one reason why we avoid flowers and other areas where pollinators visit.

2. Louisville Mosquito Control Should Target Mosquito Habitats

Another aspect of mosquito control that can impact safety is the way in which the product is applied. The application method (including where product is applied) plays a huge role in both effectiveness and safety.

You should know that some mosquito control companies will come out and just spray everything.

The reason why is that a blanket application like this is faster for them to do. But it’s not necessarily targeting the areas where mosquitoes actually hang out, nor is it contributing to safety.

At Limbwalker, we not only use pet friendly mosquito yard spray, but we apply it in a highly targeted way. This means that we are spraying targeted areas where we know mosquitoes are likely to live and breed.


This targeted approach helps us to drastically reduce your property’s mosquito population while avoiding overapplication and putting down more product than is truly necessary.

3. DIY Louisville Mosquito Control is Not Necessarily a Safer Option

In talking about safety, we also want to mention DIY mosquito control since homeowners sometimes choose this path thinking it’s a safer option.

In reality, having to handle and store chemicals on your own is not going to improve the safety factor.

Even with a pet friendly mosquito yard spray product, you still want to keep pets safe from ingestion or spills. Storing chemicals in your basement, garage, or shed might not be ideal and could give your pets (or children) access.

Instead, having a professional handle all of this for you does ultimately make the service safer. The truth is, a DIY approach also won’t be able to stand up to what a pro can offer. You’ll be using subpar products and equipment. When it comes to keeping your family (including your pets) safe, this simply is not the best option.


Making a Wise Choice in Pet Friendly Mosquito Yard Spray Means Choosing the Best Company

We know that the health and safety of your family is imperative to you. That’s why you were even considering a mosquito spraying service in the first place.

The good news is that you don’t have to compromise safety in your choice for professional mosquito control.

The key is to choose the right company since the products that they use and their methods of application can really differ.


When it comes to actually making your choice for Louisville mosquito control, it’s important that you put in the work on the front end to research your options. This will help you to feel confident that you’ve chosen a company that will get you the results, service and experience you anticipated.

While it might feel like a lot of work to look into Louisville mosquito control companies, it’s worth it to know that you’re going to be happy in the end.

With a pest as potentially dangerous as the mosquito, you want to feel confident that your loved ones are well protected.

If you’d like to learn more about mosquito control for your Louisville home, get in touch, get your quote, and get back to enjoying your yard.

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