4 Top Questions Asked About Lawn Care in Louisville KY

If you need lawn care, you might have some questions. Whether you’ve used a lawn care service before or not, there’s a lot you might not know about the products, services, or companies out there. As a wise consumer, you just want to feel confident that you’re making the right decisions.

We really respect that. At Limbwalker, we are always willing to answer lawn care questions and help provide information that can help homeowners like you make better-educated decisions.

We get a lot of different questions, but some are obviously more common than others.

Here are some that we find ourselves asked the most often. 

Top Questions About Lawn Care 

Here are some of the lawn care questions that you might have.

#1: What makes one lawn care company so different from another?

We get this question, or some form of it, a lot. We understand that there are a lot of different lawn care companies out there and you might not really understand what makes them all different. 

In reality, lawn care companies can be really different from one another. While they might offer similar services (like fertilization and weed control), how they approach those services can be quite different. Some companies invest in top-quality products to help deliver the best results while others are just looking at any way they can keep their cost down. 


There can also be significant variations in the service and the experience delivered. You want to work with a company that is going to provide an excellent customer experience. But some companies are known for poor service and give the industry a bad rap.

Do your research and gain a good understanding of what you’re investing in before you make that decision. We’ve written articles on this topic, such as how to compare lawn care programs, so that you can ultimately make the best-educated choice.

#2: Why are you more money than XYZ lawn care company? 

Many of the questions about lawn care that we receive are also about pricing. People want to understand why one lawn care company charges more than another…or sometimes, why we (Limbwalker) are slightly more expensive than some other company they’re looking at.

There are quite a few factors that go into lawn care pricing, which we explain in that linked article. Companies use different products and provide different services, which can all impact their cost. 

But the important thing to remember is that a company using higher quality products, equipment, and labor is going to be able to deliver better results. 

As with most things in life, you tend to get what you pay for.


This is why it’s dangerous to shop around for lawn care based on price. Sure, you can probably get a cheaper quote, but that might mean getting results you aren’t happy with. 

Sometimes people also ask us if we can make our services cheaper.

The truth is, we strive for a very high level of service and we can’t just find a cheaper way to do that. We aren’t willing to cut out visits or compromise in some way as it’s going to affect your results. 

#3: Is your lawn care program safe?

So many of the questions about lawn care that we get are about our program’s safety…and we completely get it! People want to know if lawn care is safe for their pet or their child.

Like you, we have families and would never want to compromise their safety. We know that you, your pets, and your children spend a lot of time in the yard. Fortunately, the products that we use are safe once they are fully dry. 

dog and lwan

We do recommend that children and pets stay inside while we are spraying but after the products dry, they become absorbed or bonded to the surface of the grass plants. This means they do not get picked up on skin (or paws).

It’s also important to remember that a lawn care professional will be using licensed technicians and applying products that have been rigorously tested and approved by the EPA.

While people sometimes assume that DIY lawn care is a safer solution, oftentimes safety boils down to proper application. Just because you are performing your lawn care with store-bought products does not mean it’s necessarily any safer for your pet or child.

#4: How many lawn treatments do I need?

This is another common question and one that we wrote an article about

If you are investing in lawn care, you want to feel like you’re going to get the best results. And because of that, you might be wondering how many lawn treatments you’ll need.

In reality, it’s not so much about the number of lawn treatments your lawn receives but rather the total nutrient requirements for the lawn and how they’re spread out over time. People tend to get caught up on the number of visits that a lawn care professional is making. But you just want to make sure that they’re performing the services that need to get done in a timely approach.

We understand that you might not know what your lawn needs, but that’s why we have written articles like this one. We have plenty of checklists that will help ensure that you’re working with a lawn care professional that is doing everything they ought to be doing.


More Questions about Lawn Care? We are Here to Help

While those were five questions that we often receive, they might not have answered your question. Don’t worry, we are ALWAYS here to help.

We really appreciate that you want to be an educated consumer and make the right decisions for your lawn. We are always available to answer questions and provide information.

At the end of the day, we know that people hire us because they don’t want to have to worry about these things. They want to be able to trust that they’ve chosen a lawn care professional that knows what they’re doing.

There can be a lot involved in lawn care. But we can take away that burden by tackling the services for you.

At Limbwalker, we simplify the entire process for you by offering lawn care programs that have everything your lawn needs to perform its best. You’ll no longer have to worry about any lawn care checklists to complete and will simply be able to feel confident your lawn is getting everything it needs.


Are you ready to have a thick and healthy lawn that’s getting everything it needs at your Louisville, KY home? Get in touch with us to get a quote for our lawn care programs, which include three lawn care pricing options.

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